Folsom Street Fair 2012

Before I upload the photos from this year’s Folsom Street Fair and Real Bad XXIV the post will be about the street fair itself.The weather was an improvement over the previous year so moving Folsom a weekend earlier to make room for the upcoming Oracle convention was a smart move.What surprised me was the lack of porn studios booths.True there was a booth for Next Door Studios and several BB ones but no Falcon/Raging Stallion or Titan Men? I don’t know if it was an economic decision but I was clearly disappointed.Seeking out porn stars at the street fair is not my cup of tea especially when it is crowded.I made the decision to leave the leather vest behind and wear a leather cap to represent.You might notice some photos with the cap and without.My bald head whitewashes in the background LOL Despite all these changes I managed to have a great time with those who chose to hang out with me briefly.I’m not the easiest to get along with (SURPRISE),at least I own it! As September comes to an end and October begins it will be a while until I head back to San Francisco.I plan to compensate with posts about everyone that appeals to me.Call it a personal diary that everyone is welcome to read.Enjoy!

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