Happy Hump Day

The last two photos I took with Dylan James and Brandon Wilde are perfect for today’s Hump Day.

Nob Hill Theatre Photos With Dylan James,Brandon Wilde & Mr Pam

Did I mention today is my birthday? This was my early birthday present to meet Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Dylan James and his co-star Brandon Wilde. Mr Pam was there to introduce the guys for their 10pm live sex show. Best early birthday present ever!

Nob Hill Theatre Photos With Dylan James

I finally got to meet Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Dylan James on Saturday night at the Nob Hill Theatre. His girth was quite impressive in person as you can tell from the last two photos.This was right after his 8pm solo show.

Dylan James & Brandon Wilde At Nob Hill Theatre

Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Dylan James makes his debut at the Nob Hill Theatre this weekend with live solo shows at 8pm. Joining him for the 10pm live sex shows is his Gentlemen 17:Oral Office co-star Brandon Wilde.I’ll be there for both shows on Saturday night and post photos when I come back.

Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump Day

House Party-Mohammad’s Birthday Bash

It’s a family affair as Ky and Juan celebrate their resident DJ Mohammad’s birthday at House Party-Mohammad’s Birthday Bash at Powerhouse SF. Mohammad spins his signature hard underground sound for the first half of the night and his mentor SF legend DJ Bugie takes us deeper and harder into the later hours. Special appearances/performances by David More,Mercedes Munro,and Nicky Doll.Drink specials all night,laser light show at midnight.Benefitting REAL BAD producers Grass Roots Gay Rights Foundation.