Nob Hill Theatre Photos With Michael Roman and Seth Santoro

I stopped by the Nob Hill Theatre to meet Michael Roman and see Seth Santoro after I missed the Friday night live sex shows. I promised the guys I would come back on Saturday night. They put on two extremely hot live sex shows with each guy servicing, rimming those sweet asses and topping each other. This was Michael’s first Folsom Street Fair. Hopefully he will be back.

Folsom Street Fair 2017: A Look Back

This year’s Folsom Street Fair was memorable for a lot of reasons. I couldn’t have done it without my bestie and partner in crime Greg. There really wasn’t any porn parties or a house party to attend like in previous years. Folsom Friday I got lost looking for a club event. Thankfully Greg texted me all night to keep my sanity going until I found the correct address. That did a number on my feet. I spent the next day at the Big Muscle meet and greet downstairs waiting for Greg. This is why I only got a photo with Greg and the DJ, Jesus Pelayo who did an excellent job providing the background music. I did the Nob Hill Theatre later in the evening and went to see a drag show with Greg. I didn’t go to the street fair early like I always do. I got invited to breakfast by Greg. I was able to get some nice pics the entire time I was at Folsom Street Fair where I made new friends and caught up with current ones. Me and Greg closed out the weekend at Real Bad XXIX. I got some photos there. Now the recovery begins.

After Hours Parties

There are two closing after hours parties that I’m aware of. Nocturnal is the massive closing party at San Francisco’s newest nightclub Halcyon, located at Folsom St and 11th. Same block as Folsom Street Fair and just 4 blocks away from Real Bad. The headliner is DJ Paulo who will no doubt go beyond the limits of afterhours in San Francisco as only he can. Twisted is billed as the official final party of Folsom Street Fair and just a block away from Real Bad at the legendary afterhours club The EndUp. Direct from Spain are the legendary duo of Chus + Ceballos, the most solid professional pair of DJs/Producers known worldwide for their excellent production works and marathon DJ sets that blend the styles of house with techno in perfect harmony. Opening set by Los Angeles’ own DJ Shane Stiel and closing set by Chicago’s own Ricky Sinz. Two different afterhours parties to choose from.

Folsom Street Fair & Real Bad XXIV

This year’s posters for Folsom Street Fair and Real Bad XXIX which I will be attending. As always I’ll be posting photos on social media first and the blog later.

Big Muscle & Magnitude-Folsom Saturday

Big Muscle is hosting their annual charity Folsom event, 17th in fact. This is their big meet and greet before Folsom Sunday. All ticket sales go to AEF (San Francisco AIDS Emergency Fund) which I fully support 100%. It’s the best afternoon Folsom event to make new friends or catch up with current ones. The background music is provided this year by DJ Jesus Pelayo.
This year’s Magnitude has been moved to a legendary party space known as The Armory. It’s gonna be bigger and better than ever with the hottest leathermen from around the globe. Headlining the event is the one and only Ralphi Rosario. He has worked with and remixed big name pop stars. Also headlining is Alex Acosta, a San Francisco favorite who is well known as a DJ and Producer around the world. Opening the night will be Vancouver favorite Nick Bertossi giving you dark and sexy beats in anticipation of an epic climax. Just a reminder due to changes in San Francisco’s night life especially for large scale events, there won’t be a dungeon space for Magnitude.

Folsom Friday Events and Parties

Here are some of the Folsom Friday events for tonight. Mr S Leather’s Geared Up The Folsom Party has another one tomorrow afternoon. The Nob Hill Theatre featuring gay porn performers Michael Roman and Seth Santoro has two live sex shows tonight, tomorrow and Sunday night.

Sunsation Sundays

Sunsation Sundays returns for it’s 3rd and biggest season to date with everything new. Venue,DJs,drinks,snack menu you get the idea. Sunsation Sundays is now at the legendary Chapel SF at 777 Valencia St, just two blocks from Dolores Park. Multi room epic venue with a beautiful large patio to keep that Sunsation Sundays feel that you have come to love. Resident DJ Mohammad and International DJ/Producer Jesus Montanez are providing the sick beats to get everyone on the dance floor. As with past Sunsations the prices will be kept affordable for all. All drag queens in face get in for free. With all this amazing music, people, drinks and food nobody has a reason to leave. Come early and stay late.